Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thorasic Results & Abdominal/Side Pain

To start off the month, I am going to go through a quick recap of my Thorasic results then talk about even more new symptoms I am experiencing.

I was a bit frustrated when I specifically chose Dublin Methodist for an MRI because it has produced the clearest images I've seen so far, I had to use a temporary machine because of remodeling.  According to my GP, the Thorasic MRI showed degeneration among multiple discs in my mid back, which I guess would explain the growing pain and weakness.  He also said that there were a couple, small disc issues that could be seen.  I am now wondering if it is possible that my mid back degenerated from the lower disc degenerations/bulges or whether my sexual dysfunction is coming from my thorasic, instead of my cervical or S2 degeneration.  Now, I don't necessarily see anything (with my uneducated eyes) anything in particular, but here's a small sample:

I have begun to experience a few more, very intense symptoms over the past month as well
1.  Pelvic Floor - Though I have experience this pain a couple times before in my life this was definitely the most intense episode.  I plopped down on a chair and my pelvic floor went into what I can only describe as a binding cramp that would not go away for about 30 seconds to a minute.  The pain was so intense that I almost threw up, but when I heaved it put into so much pain I fell on the floor until it subsided.  In my humble opinion, this points more towards my sexual dysfunction as something coming from my lower back/tailbone/S1 S2/or the supposed cyst that was found in my pelvis months ago.
2.  Abdominal Pain - I just recently started to experience the same tightness/shooting pain down the right side of my body, the pain has clasped it's fingers (if you will) from my middle-right center back around to my abs.  Abdominal exercises, which used to be a cinch, and swimming have now become painful like my other exercise activities.  At first I thought it was a hernia, but after a cursory examination of the bellybutton area it didn't seem that way.  Like the pain in the rest of my body, it only effects the right side of my abdominals including obliques, while my left feels as good and resilliant as it ever has.
3.  Increased loss of feeling/tingling:  Over the past month I have noticed increased loss of feeling in my right hand, which can vary from ring/middle/pinky to index/thumb combo, there is definite weakness after running or walking long periods and my hand continually wants to "claw up".  I have also noticed increased tingling and weakness in the big toe and some in the other toes of my right foot.  Most notably, I have noticed a slight "drop" to my right foot, when I do my jog/walks where my left foot responds appropriately my right foot doesn't pull itself all the way to the correct running position.
4.  After using a decompression table 10-30 minutes a day I have noticed EXTREMELY sharp pain in my lower right back where it all started if I jostle too much.  I was told decompression can slowly cause pain at first so I am going at less of an inversion from now on and staying on for just 15 minutes or so a day.
5.  Inability to lift:  Last summer I remember being able to complete P90X upper body routines without any pain except a minor pulling feeling in my right shoulder.  After I tried to return to my very light lifting routine earlier this week I found my right shoulder in so much agony after just a few reps that I had to retire to the pool, where it continued to give my shooting pains into my right hand.
6.  Sexual Dysfunction:  Have noticed no real changes on sexual front besides the continued difficulty to achieve a full erection as well as even hold a partial one.  One new thing I have noticed is reduced anal tone, as well as, as weird as this sounds, a very minor discomfort (level 2/3) in my lower back when I must bear down to try and achieve a full erection...I believe this might be a continued sign that my lower back/tailbone is to blame for the dysfunction.

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