Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Intermittant Pelvic Pain

I have been noticing some intermittent pelvic floor pain, and a pulsing, aching sensation at the rear of my saddle.  It almost feels like a small object is stuck in my pelvic floor, not unlike that of Pelvic Floor Syndrome.  Pain during erections is also increasing and I have been noticing more "shocks" into my right buttock.  I have also noticed that my penis, especially the tip, is ice cold to the touch after lifting or almost any form of exercise, again, almost as if bloodflow has been severely reduced as well as feeling.  The most disturbing and worrying part is noticing a "bottleneck" forming just before the foreskin of my penis as if it's not receiving regular bloodflow, which it obviously isn't.  Erections are increasingly rare and consistently poor, probably 50% of normal, with most of the issues being with the bottom cavernosa and head to fill.

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