Thursday, July 14, 2011

Myelogram and Massage Therapy

At the behest of my pain management doctor, I have given deep tissue massage a chance after he noticed several large "knots" in my muscles in my lower back and upper back/shoulder area.  Though I've had deep tissue massage with my PT quite often, I have never had it for more than 10 or so minutes and almost exclusively on my legs.  My first session was painful as expected but definitely produced minor relief for me, the next session did more so, but again this was temporary for maybe 1-2 days before pain returned to normal.

I also received a Myelogram 4 days ago but am still experiencing severe side effects from the procedure.  After standing upright or sitting for around 30 minutes I feel an intense spinal headache and must lay back down, I done nothing but lay in bed or get up to go to the bathroom or eat the past few days and the headache still persists.  After getting one I am usually in severe pain for up to an hour and have to get back to rest, this worries me as I was told that I should be able to resume normal activity after 2 or so days.  I also am still experiencing a sharp discomfort in my lower back where the procedure was done and elevated "pressure" on my tailbone, much like I had while my tailbone pain was disappearing a year and a half ago...which just further leads me to believe that my sexual dysfunction and back pain is stemming from something in my tailbone.  I am looking forward to hearing my doctor's interpretation of the results and am continuing massage therapy once a month.

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