Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Beginning of Symptoms: Late Summer/Early Fall: August/September 2009

After some more time off from running, I decided to begin jogging and lifting again.  My right leg was now in more discomfort than ever before, despite giving myself plenty of time off, but I was still able to run close to what I did before, if not for an aching lower back and right leg afterwards.

As I continued to lift/run/and swim the pain became severe in the period of about a month.  With the pain evolving from the classic feeling of a dull ache from a healing pull or tear, something I was very aware of and not a stranger to.  To a searing, sharp pain down the outside right of my leg.  Swelling was bad on the outside right of my right knee, my lower back was getting much worse at a fast rate and I believed I had some sort of bursa on my knee so I pursued a sports medicine Doctor at OSU.  The doctor took some X-Rays and chalked the injury up to a hamstring injury and a pulled back muscle so I began physical therapy.  After a few months of therapy with only worsening symptoms my PT referred my back to the doctor, who sent me for blood tests, a pelvic bone scan, and a knee MRI.  All of these yielded negative results with exception of the MRI which only revealed some irritation of the IT band on the outside of the knee.  I was ordered back to physical therapy.

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