Monday, April 25, 2011

A tiny clarification, notcing of hand feeling sensation, and new suggestions

I have noticed a small loss of feeling in my right hand as compared to my left.  My hand often feels clawed and is pain after a long day of standing and walking but I have noticed just resting them on the keyboard that it simply doesn't feel the keys as tactile as the left does.  I have also noticed that when I walk, stand, or swim that my penis gets especially small and even cold, whereas in the past it would usually expand to an above-average flaccid state for myself.  I believe this again shows a possibility that the physical activity putting pressure on my back may cause this, paired with the fact that achieving what I generously call a partial erection only seems possible when lying on my back.

For a little clarification on the urologist visit:  I am still in the process of obtaining the urology reports, however, I do remember that the Doctor said that they judge venuous leaks on a scale of something like 1-10 and 1-5 level of leakage is entirely normal and I was a 5.1, which even at that, should never be having problems with morning erections or penetration.

The last doctor has suggested a discogram but made clear that they are excruciatingly painful, I am uneasy since she said it most definitely is not worth enduring the pain if it comes out inconclusive but the braver part of me says to remember that I should exhaust every option.

Disc Decompression was also suggested by the last doctor so I visited his specialist who consulted with me.  The specialist told me very coldly that he only helps people he knows he can help, or he thinks he has a chance at helping, and always turns away people he thinks he cannot help.  He said, that on this scale, I am an outlier in the category of "I have no idea,"  when I asked for a percentage chance he said that there is no percentage he could attribute as my symptoms are so wide spread that even attacking just one problem at a time may be difficult and takes a serious time commitment.  I am going to continue to contemplate getting the treatment for the next week or so until I am done with class and have a little more free time.

Current attitude:
Either way, I am not going to just give up and will come out of this stronger for having fought as hard as I can.

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