Thursday, April 21, 2011

A new height of pain: Spring 2010

By Spring I was barely able to run, though I continued to try on and off, I could only run for a few minutes before having to stop from pain in my leg.  The pain had become very sharp and shooting now into my calf more than anywhere in my body.  Lifting went from the passion of my life, to an uncomfortable annoyance, to extremely difficult with the amount of pain.  Both of these activities were done with extreme caution and new, light weight, more reps style.  My tailbone pain was at an all time high and my PT became quite worried by worsening symptoms, he sent me back to my orthopedic surgeon who referred me to a partner and practicing neurosurgeon who prescribed oral steroids and back injections.  An EMG is ordered on my right leg which comes up completely negative for any nerve damage.  Steroid injections are done on the right side of my knee to try and curb inflammation with little results.

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