Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thorasic Park & The Claw: April 2011

Another set of back injections are completed with no results, I decide these will be my last injections ever.  I believe I have had six overall or maybe more at this point.

After building up to short, light jogs, I notice severe clawing in my right hand and foot.  So I conclude that this problem is likely coming from the back and my discs are being jolted a bit when I do a light job (jog for about a minute or two, walk for a minute, jog a minute, overall for about 30 minutes)

Have seen a re-surgence in facial and right bicep/arm/deltoid pain after beginning to swim and do abs again.

A thorasic MRI is ordered to check on the increasing pain in the middle of my spine, the only area that has gone undocumented by MRI scan so far.  Here is the best overall MRI I could find of my Lumbar for first time viewers, I believe this is from winter 2011.

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