Thursday, April 21, 2011

Strange Sexual Symptoms: Early Spring Overview

I've noticed that not only that I cannot achieve even a partial erection without a lot of stimulation, but that my flaccid penis is very noticeably smaller and not getting the normal amount of bloodflow (perhaps?) that it normally would in it's flaccid state.  It also often takes on a strange hour glass shape instead of its normal state.  I also notice that it is often cold, and I am starting to lose sensation, especially in the tip.  Cialis and Viagra prescribed a few months earlier, help very little, though they do help a tiny bit, and give the outside cavernosa a little extra rigity at this point, but still not enough for penetration, however, masturbation is possible with some work.  Climax and erection cause some pain in the saddle region and running down to the tip of the penis, as well as the lower back.

I am prescribed 5mg daily Cialis trial to see if this can at least help me with my symptoms for a month.  I have yet to check back with the urologist but the daily seems to at least be helping me a tiny bit with the flaccid state.  Side effects however are bad with severe headaches, dry eyes, and constant stuffy nose.

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