Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Numbness and Thorasic Pain: March 2011

The tip of my right index finger and thumb begin to become completely numb for hours at a time, even while sitting and walking around.  This is a rare occurence but still seemed worth noting.  Also, I begin to notice some tingling sensations in my fingers and toes (on the right side as usual).  My foot begins to claw and cramp more often, along with my hand with any walking or physical activity for a short period of time.  All exercise has been stopped since January with hopes of improving symptoms, I have been sleeping on a moderately firm bed for a few months.  The pain in the front of my right lower leg has become very bad, however, I would say overall my leg pain has slightly subsided or plateaued at about a cosntant 5-6, which I would describe as high level of discomfort when not doing activity to a low-medium level of pain (6-7) while doing activity.  This is obviously terrible but it seems to have hit its peak, however, back pain, especially while sitting is worsening and is almost as uncomfortable and painful as my leg pain.  Back pain is obviously very severe during activity and having correct posture is almost impossible at this point, which I had had my entire life before the injury.

What's most disconcerting, is the high increase in pain in the dead-center of my back, above my lower back and below my neck.  It has hurt before maybe in the 1-2, but never as bad as my lower back, which now it does.  Whether this is due to a changing posture, muscle loss, etc I do not know but the pain is reaching the level of my shoulder and lower back.  It also shoots pain across the right middle back of my body to my underarm and front abdomen area.

Pain in my saddle area also starts to become a problem (2-3?) with a pressure feeling when I sit and a noticeable reduced anal tone and feeling like I have an object in my saddle.  Though a third urologist visit concludes that I am able to void completely, and another vasodilation test concludes that the genitals are again, not having a problem from leakage or a genital related disease, I feel that my power of my stream has become very reduced.

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