Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome & Pre-Injury: Summer 2009

Welcome to a personal journal of my fight against chronic pain caused by what is probably a mix of spinal issues.  The purpose of this blog is to give doctors and friends an overview to the history of my pain, as well as help me keep a more detailed record of my constantly evolving symptoms and attitude towards the problem.

Before the injury occured, I had never suffered any disease, serious injury, or affliction I know of besides a torn hip flexor a year before which may have slightly altered my gait, and a few broken bones in the past, neither of which were serious.  I have no family history of any type of disease or biological problem except for bad backs: my Father slipped his L4/L5 playing golf, suffered severe sciatic pain for a few months, got a lamenectomy (or possibly disectomy?) and was back to normal within 3 months, with no pain since then.

I was a lifetime athlete, playing a contact sport throughout college and was a workoutaholic.  Before my injury, I was running, on average, 2 times a day, with the addition of lifting 5 times a week and swimming 5 times a week, plus abs every day.  At this point, I was averaging easily over 100 miles a week.  My typical day consisted of Waking up, going to class, going for a jog, lifting, swimming, eating, doing work, then going for my endurance/long night run, then eating and relaxing.  I drink in moderation and ate relatively healthy for someone my age, weighing in at my all-time best of ~210+ pounds at just under 6' 4".

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