Thursday, April 21, 2011

Traveling symptoms, things get worse: Fall 2010

Tailbone pain has almost entirely disappeared, being replaced by a sort of dull, numbing sensation in my tailbone area.  I am noticing a serious decrease in my erections and noticed that I have been without morning erections for some time, though, I achieve a partial morning erection at times when I have to urinate quite badly.  I would put the rigity of my erections at around 60-70% of what they used to be at this point, where most of rigity has been lost in non-balooning glans and the bottom side.

I also start noticing a strange facial/shoulder pain that I would put at about a 3 on the pain scale, and is similar to the pain I feel in my leg, and is unlikely to be a pull since I have considerably lightened my workout load.  I see a neurologist who is a family friend and am put on the maximum dose of Neurontin.

Here are some images of my Cervical Spine that are ordered later, as addressed in my later post, I am just trying to spread out the images per post:

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